Christine Kleinhenz of Tide Watcher
Christine Kleinhenz of Tide Watcher
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About Christine Kleinhenz of Tide Watcher


Christine M Kleinhenz of Tide Watcher lives and plays in Juneau, Alaska.  She and her family explore the wild places at their doorstep, where Christine Finds inspiration for her paintings.  

Christine's love for nature was nurtured in her childhood by her family.  Her father was an amateur photographer who took Christine hiking and camping all over the world to share his interests.  Christine learned to look at her natural surrounding with respect and wonder.

Christine's art skills were developed from childhood and on through private lessons, college courses and community courses.  Although, Christine pursued Speech Language Pathology as a career path, she found herself continuing to go back to her art, finding solace in the meditation of creation.

In the last couple of years, Christine's focus has been on reaching out to others in her community to gain knowledge and to offer support, to grow as an artist and to bring beauty to others through her own unique style.  She hopes others will see the wonder of their surrounding through her creations.